5 Things Firemen Movers do to Protect your Items

Moving Companies That Care – 5 Things We Do To Protect Your Items

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If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of our crew at Firemen Movers, then you may want to learn about what exactly we do to make sure your items are protected during a move. As one of the top moving companies in the region, our goal is to provide our clients with a smooth, seamless relocation. Are you better off transferring your household belongings yourself or calling on moving companies for assistance? Well, we believe that once you read through the 5 things we do to limit possible damage, you’ll quickly come to understand that only the professionals can give you a perfect move.

1 – External Bumpers

Inside and outside, we use bumpers pretty much everywhere, adding them to doorframes to protect against an accidental hit to your boxes, furniture, and other items.

2 – Protective Blankets

We wrap our own equipment in blankets to protect your belongings against unintentional scratches and dents, as we’re transferring your items from one place to the next.

3 – Modern Equipment

As well, we always use the proper equipment for relocation. For instance, we regularly use large, industrial-strength rubber bands to secure belongings during the move. On large items that may have swinging doors or pieces that don’t close correctly, these bands work well, wrapping around the items to keep them both closed and on the equipment. Also, this means your pieces won’t suddenly open during shipment, or even shift around creating a big problem.

4 – Heavy-Duty Wrapping

To further protect pieces, we often secure them with heavy-duty wrapping. Essentially, if we believe it needs to be wrapped for security purposes, it will be. Dining room chairs, buffets, wardrobes, kitchen tables – you name it, we’ll wrap it to protect it.

5 – Additional Attachments on Truck

As the last measure of protection, we also use special attachments on our trucks to ensure all objects are well-secured while on route. This prevents the load from shifting around and potentially causing serious issues.

Don’t you want one of the best-rated moving companies to oversee your upcoming relocation? Give us a call at Firemen Movers today and find out first-hand why our experts are truly excellent!

Top 10 Things to do in Toronto – A List From Firemen Movers

Top 10 Things to do in Toronto

Toronto MoversIt’s no exaggeration to say Toronto has what seems to be a countless list of attractions and landmarks, not to mention boutiques and trendy restaurants. But if you’re pressed for time, the following top 10 ten things to do in Toronto will certainly be worth the trip. If you’re planning on moving to this great Canadian city, don’t forget to call on your friendly, professional Toronto movers – Firemen Movers.

1 – CN Tower

In Toronto’s gorgeous skyline, the CN Tower is by far the most famous. In fact, one can say no trip to T.O. is complete without visiting this stately structure. Try to visit the LookOut level on a clear day, so you can appreciate the view over Lake Ontario and across the city from way up.

2 – The Eaton Centre

Similar in stature to NYC’s Times Square, Toronto’s The Eaton Center, just off Yonge-Dundas Square, offers countless opportunities to shop the day away.

3 – Toronto Harbour

Toronto’s Harbourfront, which looks out over Lake Ontario, is undoubtedly one of the most scenic places in the city. Now, the area sees more than 4000 annual community events, as home to the Harbourfront Center and a hub of many cultural activities.

4 – Kensington Market

Multicultural and vibrant, you won’t want to miss the downtown neighborhood of Kensington Market. Some of the areas most interesting and quirky community art galleries, vintage stores, and boutiques are in this area, working out of converted Victorian houses.

5 – Haunted Tour of Toronto

The Haunted Walk will lead you on a ghostly trek of Toronto’s past. Choose from three different spooky tours, with one of them offered in French. Get to know the scary mysterious behind some of T.O.’s classic landmarks.

6 – Distillery District Lights

The Distillery District, once the location of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery, is currently a super cool art and entertainment area. Here, you can see some of Toronto’s most popular galleries and venues.

7 – Casa Loma

Casa Loma TorontoA short subway ride away, venture further out into T.O.’s midtown to find Casa Loma, a Gothic-style house built in the early 20th century. Officially, it’s the only full-sized castle in North America, and now, it’s a converted museum.

8 – The Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario, a stunning, glass-paneled construction, will stun you with more than merely its architecture. The nation’s largest collection of Canadian art is housed in this 480,000sq ft space, as well as international art that dates from the Renaissance era to modern-day pieces.

9 – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

In the middle of Toronto’s entertainment quarter and suitably situated at the bottom of the CN Tower is Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. 16, 000 aquatic creatures call this place home, including wildly colorful fish from all over the globe, stingrays, sharks, jellyfish, and giant lobsters.

10 – Hockey Hall of Fame

Who boasts the most extensive collection of hockey gear and memorabilia from around the world? The answer is the Hockey Hall of Fame! This place also features exhibits on the game’s most iconic players, multimedia stations, and interactive games.

Still in search of friendly Toronto movers who offer quality services and a 100% satisfaction policy? Then, call our professional at Firemen Movers – Toronto movers that really care about your family move.

How to Save Money During a Move – Tips From Toronto Movers

Moving companies

Finally, after weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect place, you’ve found it! Certainly, it’s exciting to start anew in a fresh environment. But, along with the thrill comes the many costs of moving. Suddenly, bills start to pile up, and you’re left wondering how you’ll manage it all. You can’t exactly skip buying tape and boxes, can you?

Toronto Movers Share Tips On How to Save Money During a Move

Well, while there are certain items you’ll need for your big day, there are indeed ways you can save money during a move. Read on to find out how from our Firemen Movers. As one of Toronto’s top moving companies, we know every hack, tip, and trick there is!

Avoid Weekends and the Summer Season.

No matter which moving companies you contact for quotes, they’ll all tell you that weekday and off-season bookings are the least expensive options. Mid-to-end-of-month is also best to avoid as costs start to go up. With some flexibility on your end, you’ll be able to save quite a bit.

Scope Out Local Businesses.

A great many people turn to local businesses for free cardboard boxes. While it’s a cheap fix, make sure to select only the sturdiest boxes. As well, bookstores tend to have the best selection of boxes that haven’t had any run-ins with spilled liquids or mushy fruit.

Get Creative When You’re Packing.

Before purchasing bins, boxes or crates from moving companies, have a look around your home. With a creative eye, you’ll be able to discern other equally ideal containers for your moving needs. Coolers, laundry baskets, hampers, suitcases, and gym bags make for excellent options. Don’t forget to wrap items in bubble wrap – or towels, linens, and clothing – to avoid breakage.

Skip the Full-Service Option and Go Hybrid.

Instead of spending money on full-service assistance, carefully pick and choose what you really need. If you can pack and unpack everything yourself, then ask to have movers just for the loading, transport, and unloading portion of your move.

Understand Moving Charges.

Are you getting a package deal or an hourly rate? It’s essential to understand how you’ll be charged, so you can stay within your budget. Also, being organized beforehand will lessen the likelihood of extra fees for last-minute extras such as disassembly or additional packing supplies.

For more information on our relocation services or other tips on saving money during a move, call us today at Firemen Movers.


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