When it’s time to move to your new home, there are several options for you to consider. Some people have the experience needed to perform their own move (DIY moving), but most people tend to require the services of a professional moving company for at least part of the project. Hiring a moving company can be a challenge of its own, but the benefits of working with these companies are worth the time it takes to choose the right company. Here are the different types of movers in Toronto you can hire, and the benefits of local moving companies for stress-free moving.

What Are the Types of Movers?

Local Moving Companies

Local moving companies in Toronto focus on providing services to people in their neighbourhood or region. Residential and commercial moving services may be offered and these companies may offer as many movers as needed. Additional services provided usually include packing, unpacking, storage, and junk removal. Local moving companies may also be more affordable, as they focus on assisting students, apartment and condo movers, and senior moves.

Full-Service Movers

While local moving companies have the benefit of providing customers with better rates and more services, full-service movers can achieve this on a greater scale. These movers have more resources and staff, as well as necessary permits for doing moves out of the area. They provide moving trucks and movers, packing supplies, and a variety of additional services. Full-service means you can benefit from assistance at every step of your move.

Truck Rental Moving Companies

One of the reasons many people choose to rent moving trucks is because they are more affordable, sometimes at under $20 per hour, and they give the families the freedom to work at their own speed. DIY movers will do their own packing, loading, unloading, and transport with the help of a truck moving company. They can also pay extra to rent dollies and furniture pads to make their move more efficient within their budget.

Van Lines

Van line moving companies are known for two main features. First, they are a national brand that can do long-distance and international moves. They also offer full moving services. These van lines work with local moving companies that are assigned to a moving job under the van lines’ jurisdiction. Canadian Van Lines is an example of this service. Although customers deal directly with the company, the move itself is conducted by the moving companies or “agents,” that carry their brand.


Moving companies that carry a franchise but are independently operated are known as franchisees. Two Men and a Truck, for example, is a company with hundreds of locations in North America, and they operate at the same rates and services regardless of the location you choose.

Benefits of Using Local Moving Companies in Toronto

Hiring a professional local moving company is one of the best options out of those mentioned above. If you are moving within the same general area, or surrounding cities, they come at a more affordable rate, and have a solid understanding of the best routes to quickly and safely move your items. These companies are also smaller than franchisees and van lines, so you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need. Here are some of the benefits of working with local movers:

  • Easy time setting dates and times for their moving service
  • Your belongings will be safe and insured
  • They have the right equipment for your particular move
  • They can help move specialty and oversized items
  • You reduce the risks that come with DIY moves
  • You save money
  • No need for multiple trips to your new home and back
  • Their experience can help you resolve any issues along the way
  • Keeps you organized

Choose Firemen Movers for Your Upcoming Move

Home moving companies can be extremely helping in making your move more efficient and less stressful. There are many aspects to consider as you go through your entire home and pack up to start fresh somewhere else. Although there are many moving companies in the Toronto area, Firemen Movers is the right team for the job.

We are locally owned and operated, and are staffed by professional firefighters and people who are committed to integrity, safety, and quality service. For over a decade we have helped thousands of families and businesses relocate and have stress-free moves with our services. We have a reputation of excellence and continuous improvement, and customers in the Greater Toronto Area know us to be one of the most trusted companies.