Firemen Movers wants to help make your move easy. We offer a wide variety of packing supplies for sale or for rent: everything from multiple-sized cubed boxes to small and large mirror boxes to packing paper and tape. We even offer used boxes at a 50% discounted rate. We also offer eco-friendly plastic moving bins (with lids) for your packing needs. Feel free to pick up any of these supplies from our office during our scheduled business hours, or make a request for any item and Firemen Movers will deliver it straight to you.

We know how hectic moving can be, which is why we try to offer everything you’ll need to move out of your home or office space. And if you reside in the Toronto area, Firemen Movers will deliver all supplies free of charge if you decide to use our full moving service. We also incorporate suggested supply packages based on the size of your home. So whether you’re in an apartment or small home, or in a large home with four or five bedrooms, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be spending with us.

Firemen Movers Supplies Packages

TypeSize (inches)Price
1.5 Cube16x12.5x12.5 $1.99
2 Cube18x15x16 $2.49
3 Cube18x18x16 $2.99
4 Cube18.25x18.25x20.5 $3.25
5 Cube18x18x26.5 $3.49
6 Cube20x20x26 $3.49
Small China Carton18x15x16 $3.49
Large China Carton18x18x28.5 $7.49
Small Mirror Carton37.5x4x26.5 $5.49
Large Mirror Carton42.5x4x36 $14.49
Wardrobe Box w/ Hanger Bar24x20x45 $19.99
Packing Paper (Newsprint)25 lbs - 24' x 36" $21.99
Packing TapePer roll $1.49
Apartment (2-3 bedroom ) / Small house
TypeSizeSuggested QuantityRetail eachExtended Retail
1.5 cube16x12.5x12.58$1.99$15.92
2 cube18x15x1613$2.49$32.37
3 cube18x18x1613$2.99$38.87
4 cube18.25x18.25x20.56$3.25$19.50
5 cube18x18x26.52$3.49$6.98
Small China Carton18x15x162$3.49$6.98
Large China Carton18x18x28.51$7.49$7.49
Small Mirror Box37.5x4x26.51$5.49$5.49
Large Mirror Box42.5x4x361$14.49$14.49
Tape 2$1.49$2.98
Paper (Newsprint)25 lbs - 24'x36"1$21.99$21.99
Medium House (3 Bedrooms and Basement)
TypeSizeSuggested QuantityRetail eachExtended Retail
1.5 cube16x12.5x12.512$1.99$23.88
2 cube18x15x1615$2.49$37.35
3 cube18x18x1620$2.99$59.80
4 cube18.25x18.25x20.510$3.25$32.50
5 cube18x18x26.55$3.49$17.45
Small China Carton18x15x164$3.49$13.96
Large China Carton18x18x28.52$7.49$14.98
Small Mirror Box37.5x4x26.52$5.49$10.98
Large Mirror Box42.5x4x362$14.49$28.98
Tape 3$1.49$4.47
Paper (Newsprint)25 lbs - 24'x36"2$21.99$43.98
Large House (4-5 Bedrooms)
TypeSizeSuggested QuantityRetail eachExtended Retail
1.5 cube16x12.5x12.520$1.99$39.80
2 cube18x15x1625$2.49$62.25
3 cube18x18x1630$2.99$89.70
4 cube18.25x18.25x20.515$3.25$48.75
5 cube18x18x26.58$3.49$27.92
Small China Carton18x15x165$3.49$17.45
Large China Carton18x18x28.53$7.49$22.47
Small Mirror Box37.5x4x26.53$5.49$16.47
Large Mirror Box42.5x4x363$14.49$43.47
Tape 4$1.49$5.96
Paper (Newsprint)25 lbs - 24'x36"3$21.99$65.97
  • Receive a 50% discount on our great selection of clean, used boxes
  • Free delivery in the Toronto area if you book your move with us
  • Delivery charges apply on orders of $125.00 or less
  • Prices do not include HST and are subject to change without notice
  • Please allow seven days for delivery
  • No exchanges or returns