We offer a bevy of tips and resources to help you prepare for your move. From general points to consider in the weeks leading up to your moving day, to the essential steps you should take the day of your move, we’re here to help make this process easier.

More than 14 days before moving

General Preparation:

  • Get boxes and moving supplies - Call Firemen Movers for all your moving supply needs!
  • Take unwanted items to charity and/or dump - Firemen Movers can arrange for all of your garbage removal. Call us for rates.
  • Dispose of household chemicals properly (old paint, caustic cleaners, etc.). Take these to the local Toxic Waste Center
  • Arrange phone + Internet service at your new home
  • Set up mail-forward with Canada Post
  • Arrange the return of any cable TV equipment
  • If necessary, book service elevator time windows at new and/or old buildings. Please let us know what elevator times you arrange.

Complete necessary change of address forms:

  • Drivers License, Health Cards, Insurance
  • Employer, Doctor, Dentist
  • Magazine subscriptions and other mailings
  • Memberships (Gym, clubs etc)
  • Bank accounts, credit cards, and tax office (Canada Customs, and Revenue Agency)

If necessary, do the following:

  • Make travel arrangements and reservations
  • Arrange transfer of car insurance and license plates
  • Notify kids' schools, transfer records
  • Register at new school
  • Get copies of medical and dental records; if you have pets, get copies of veterinary records

8 to 14 days before moving

  • Returned borrowed items
  • Retrieve loaned items
  • Arrange for major appliances to be moved. Firemen Movers will certainly do this for you!
  • Arrange of connection of utilities at new home
  • Arrange disconnection of utilities at old home
  • Dispose of all flammable materials

The day before moving

  • Take down curtains and curtain rods
  • Empty, defrost and clean refrigerator; clean the stove
  • Pack your personal belongings, except your alarm clock, necessary clothes, jewelry and bedding

Moving Day

  • Keep paperwork accessible
  • Strip and dismantle beds. Firemen Movers will do the dismantling for you as well
  • Final walk-through: check all closets and cabinets
  • Firemen Movers will do a walk through with you once the team arrives
  • Collect all keys; keep them in a safe place
  • Clean premises that you are leaving, inspect with the landlord if necessary
  • Please confirm your new address with Firemen Movers before leaving your old home
  • Know how to reach your new landlord or superintendent

*Note: Ensure your lease permits the items that you plan to install in your new home. Some leases may not permit the installation of shelving screwed into walls or TV antennas

Taken from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation