One of the more difficult parts of moving is getting those specialty items into or out of your home. Moving these items takes more than just muscle. It takes some planning and strategy and a lot of patience to make sure none of these precious items gets scratched or damaged in any way. Think of items such as grand pianos, chandeliers, hot tubs, or pool tables. Maybe you have a large painting you absolutely love. You value these items and don’t want anything bad to happen to them during the move.

Firemen Movers in Ontario can arrange for all your specialty moving needs. We have movers with the skill and tact necessary to handle any specialty item with the utmost care. You’ll never have to worry about your possessions being broken. As one of the top moving companies in the area, we have the experience to safely move large or uniquely shaped items with ease.

ExpertSpecialty Item Movers in Ontario – Firemen Movers

Moving Service FAQs

Can you remove/unmount, pack, and move paintings, electronics, and other specialty items?

Yes, Firemen Movers in Ontario can help you from start to finish. If you need your home packed up, we can begin from there. We will, however, request that you provide certain information during the consultation. That way, we can organize your move to suit your needs and wants.

What are specialty items?

Specialty items are items that are fragile, large, expensive, or difficult to move. Some examples include pianos, safes, hot tubs, fireproof cabinets, chandeliers, and commercial-quality gym equipment. If specialty items are part of your home, you will likely need the help of professional movers to prevent them from being scratched or damaged.

How do you take care of delicate or fragile items?

When our movers need to tackle the risky maneuver of taking specialty items downstairs, escalators, or elevators, we have state-of-the-art equipment to help us. Our dedicated team of movers in Ontario are trained to handle your move in a way that protects themselves and your belongings.

Do you move antiques?

Yes, we have the equipment and skill to carefully move all kinds of valuables for you.

Are there any tips for packing fragile or valuable items?

As expert movers, here are some tips to help you pack your valuable and fragile items before your move:

  • Use smaller boxes to avoid pressure from heavier objects
  • Wrap each item individually
  • Tape the bottom of your boxes to provide extra strength
  • Stuff hollow items to prevent damage
  • Mark your boxes with “fragile” to ensure the movers are extra careful
  • Take your time to wrap them properly
  • Use solid boxes without holes or wear and tear
  • Put soft material at the bottom of the box such as a towel, packing paper, foam, or anything to cushion the fragile items

How do you charge specialty item moving?

The cost of specialty item moving depends on the distance of the move, and the weight of the specialty item. Contact us at 416-CALLRED (225-5733) to get a free move estimate.

Do I need to prepare anything before you move my piano?

Our movers can provide you with tips on how to prepare your piano for a move. Some of the tips you will receive include wrapping the keys and pedals with a blanket and tape. You should cover the body of the piano as well with moving blankets on all sides. Then tape them down securely to protect all the different parts.

Why do I need a specialty item moving service?

When you are planning to move fragile, expensive, or valuable items, it’s important they are moved and arrive at your new home safely. Items like pianos, art, antiques, large appliances, pool tables, and chandeliers are difficult to move alone. Instead of risking damaging or destroying the items from improper moving techniques, call the pros. They can safely move your items fast, and stress-free, and navigate around hallways and difficult structures. They also provide proper packing material and packing for these items and have the right tools to get it on their trucks safely.