Supporting our Local Charities and Causes

As part of the rich tradition of firefighters supporting charitable causes in their communities, Firemen Movers is proud to contribute to the Sick Kids Burn Unit, and the Red Door Family Shelter.

Our Work with Red Door Family Shelter

Professional firefighters everywhere have a rich tradition of giving back to their communities. At Firemen Movers, we strongly believe in continuing that tradition. For the last five years, Firemen Movers has been operating its Used Furniture Donation Program in conjunction with the Red Door Family Shelter. The Red Door Family Shelter has provided an invaluable service to hundreds of families in need and Firemen Movers, along with our clients, are more than happy to play a small part in that.

The Firemen Movers' Used Furniture Donation Program allows our clients to donate their gently used furniture to the Red Door Family Shelter. Firemen Movers will take away this furniture on moving day, at no charge to our clients, and then warehouse the donated furniture until the Red Door Family Shelter comes by to pick it up. Since we started our relationship with the Red Door Family Shelter, we have donated hundreds of pieces of used furniture to the program! Firemen Movers would like to thank all of the clients who donated items to our Used Furniture Donation Program as it would not exist without their generous support. Please click on the link below to go to the Red Door Family Shelter web site and to read a letter from the shelter that describes our ongoing relationship.

View Letter of Reference


Post-Fire Assistance Program

Firemen Movers is proud to announce that we have teamed up with local Professional Firefighter Associations to help families who have lost all of their possessions due to fire. Experiencing a home fire is a devastating incident, and many times families will lose everything they have. Often, families will not be insured for these devastating losses, which is why Firemen Movers has offered to work with local Professional Firefighter Associations in order to provide these families with furniture after such a devastating loss. Our clients are able to donate their gently used furniture through our Used Furniture Donation Program, and we then put together a full package of used furniture that we deliver to these families at no charge. It's a wonderful way for Firemen Movers and our clients to help those who are desperately in need after they suffer a fire in their home. Please feel free to ask us how you can be a part of such a worthy and important program.

Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto

Since our inception, Firemen Movers has been a proud supporter of the SickKids Hospital Burn Unit. As professional firefighters, we have personally experienced the devastating effects that fire can have on families of all walks of life. That’s why we were happy to team up with the excellent staff at SickKids to help in whatever way we could. Every year, Firemen Movers donates a portion of its profits to the SickKids Hospital Burn Unit, and we hope that we can continue to help the hospital in any way possible. Please feel free to click on the SickKids Hospital link to see how you can help. You can also read a letter from the SickKids Hospital Burn Unit about the relationship we have formed.