Preparing for a Moving During the Winter? Call Firemen Movers!

Preparing for moving during winter? Rely on Firemen Movers to get it Done!

While we can’t always choose the best time for a move, there are numerous things we can do ahead of time to decrease the overall stress that comes with a transfer, especially it involves one during the cold season.  One of those can be to hire a moving company that has industry experience dealing with moves in inclement weather, such as can often happen during our colder months.  As one of the top-rated industry professionals in the GTA, Firemen Movers is well-equipped to deal with the reality of Canadian winters.  Their knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and provide expert advice on coordinating a move.  What’s more, since demand is lower in winter, you’ll end up saving!

Do I need to take extra precautions for my winter move?

Wondering if special preparations are needed?  That’s completely valid as certain variables come into play when snow and freezing temperatures interact with the demands of hauling heavy furniture in and out.  Nevertheless, as our experts at Firemen Movers will confirm, there are certain things that can help take the edge off and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Communication is key:  

  • Stay tuned to weather conditions weeks and days leading up to your move to ensure that roads will be accessible. Worst-case scenario: call your customer care contact about re-scheduling;
  • Reach out to your contact the week before and again a couple of days before the move to make sure weather conditions will continue to be conducive;

Prepare at home (consider both, if moving out of one and into another):

  • Lay down extra mats by entry/exit points to help contain messes;
  • Turn off your heat during the in-and-out. Bundle up, have extra gloves

handy and some warm beverages (for you and your movers);

  • Ensure that your pets are kenneled or cared for ahead of time, outside your home;
  • Make certain that your sidewalk, driveway, and stairs are cleared of snow and ice;
  • Avoid last-minute surprise shoveling by double-checking snow removal/plow schedules;
  • Have extra drop cloths/blankets ready in case of unexpected snow or rain;
  • Double wrap more fragile items to protect against cold conditions;
  • Place 1-2 days of essentials (including winter clothing) in your car, not the moving truck!

These and many other suggestions are available! Call Firemen Movers today for a hassle-free estimate.

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