3 Tips to Make Cross Border Moves Stress-Free

Moving Across the Border? 3 Tips to Make Cross Border Transfers Stress-Free

At Firemen Movers, our international movers have overseen virtually countless transfers from Canada to the US and vice versa. No matter how small or big the move is, each individual household comes with its own set of unique limitations and requirements. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays at the border, then ultimately, hiring professional international movers will ensure a positive experience. Nonetheless, here are a few considerations to take into account when planning your upcoming relocation.


As overwhelming as it sounds, cross border transfers all involve paperwork. This is an especially essential aspect because if you’re lacking the right documentation, you’re simply going to run into roadblocks. Whether you’re a Canadian citizen moving to the US, a US citizen moving to Canada or a Landed Immigrant moving to one of these countries, you’ll need the correct documentation to be filled out.

Prohibited Goods

Although some people may know very well what they can and cannot bring across the border, others may not have a clear picture. Certainly, many things have changed over the years, but basically prohibited goods are:

  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Goods made from endangered species
  • Protected wildlife


Ultimately, you’ll need to keep in mind that, even with all your paperwork in place, you may still be required to pull over for an inspection. In fact, you should always plan for it, just in case. Therefore, when packing up your belongings, ensure every single item has a clearly marked label on it, indicating the contents of the container. Also, mark fragile items accordingly, in case they need to be moved or searched. In the event of an inspection, keep plenty of packing tape handy to close the boxes up again.

Hire Professional International Movers

In the end, the best choice is to place your cargo in the hands of industry experts. A reputable company, like Firemen Movers, provides experienced, knowledgeable cross-border international movers that will be with you every step of the way. Why attempt such a stressful, exhausting relocation on your own when you don’t need to? With specialized services available to oversee packing, loading, shipping, and set-up upon arrival, you can start planning your upcoming cross-border move with a smile!

Call our experts at Firemen Movers for a free, no-hassle quote and to get more information on our various transfer packages and services.