Dealing with Professional Movers? 6 Signs You’ve Hired Experts!

Dealing with Professional Movers? 6 Signs You’ve Hired Experts!

​Need to organize your upcoming relocation but worried about which professional movers to hire? Don’t worry, our Firemen Movers will help guide you through this stressful decision! Here are 6 signs you’ve hired an expert transfer team.

  1. Industry-Recognised Company

Aside from selling moving boxes and supplies, industry-recognized movers typically have a familiar brand name. That’s not to say the professionals you’ve hired aren’t good because they run a smaller set-up. Rather, regardless of how big or small their company is, experts normally have a long-lasting, positive reputation.

  1. Customer Ratings and Reviews

Positive feedback, be it word of mouth or online reviews, hold great value. Excellent ratings usually signify you’re dealing with an experienced, knowledgeable team. If people are happy to give you their contact information along with a good story about their move, then chances are you’re in the right hands.

  1. Flexible Pricing and Payment Options

Movers with a solid reputation more often than not will offer pricing that’s competitive. As well as providing their clients with friendly advice, various services, moving boxes, and supplies, they also make it easy for you to choose different payment options.

  1. Free, On-Site Assessment

For the most part, professional movers have no issues giving a free, on-site assessment. Don’t place your trust in an online quote, because those are often calculated loosely with many factors left out. What you want is a clearly detailed evaluation to give you a good idea of end costs.

  1. Documentation

What separates the pros from potential scammers? Ask for documentation! Proof of certification and insurance is a sign you’re speaking to real movers – not just some people who sell moving boxes and supplies and offer moving services on the sly.

  1. Brick and Mortar Business

Lastly, what you want to see is an actual, physical location of their business. Don’t just take Google’s word that they exist somewhere on the internet. Take the time to go and visit them, not just drive by their space to see what it looks like. If they run their company out of an actual brick and mortar location, then you’re most likely dealing with experts.

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Call Firemen Movers for reliable, experienced moving services. Contact us by phone or via our inquiry page and schedule a free, no-obligation quote. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your upcoming relocation and help you figure out what types of options you’d need.

5 Tips on Decorating Your Apartment From Local Movers in Toronto

As a renter in an apartment unit, you’re likely limited as to how much you can decorate. While some places restrict what you can actually do to decorate your space, some folks may simply not want to spend too much money bettering someone else’s property. Regardless of your particular situation and reasons, our local movers in Toronto have the following 5 tips to spruce up your space without spending too much money.

apartment moving

  1. Fill your unit with beautiful artwork.

There are plenty of places to find inexpensive artwork like framed prints, professional photographs, and paintings. Also, it’s relatively simple to affix them to the walls yourself – a simple YouTube video will help! However, if you’d rather not leave holes in your walls, sturdy adhesive hangers provide you with a means to hang up your art without damaging anything.

  1. Add new light fixtures to rooms.

Adding new light fixtures is a great way to change the look of a home, so long as you hang onto the original ones and reinstall them before moving out. Light fixtures are an affordable upgrade that really does wonders for a room.

  1. Change up the hardware in the kitchen.

Freshen up the kitchen by swapping the knobs on cupboards and handles on drawers with something new. You can also do this in the bathroom too for a shockingly low-cost makeover. Again, like the light fixtures, hang onto the old hardware and put them back on once you decide to leave the apartment.

  1. Try wall decals as an alternative to painting.

Make to work just like giant stickers, wall decals will certainly make decorating your unit a whole lot easier. Forget about painting your place, then repainting it back to the original color before moving out. Instead, wall decals offer a peel-and-stick option that adheres easily and peels off just as quickly. The best part is they don’t leave behind a sticky residue!

  1. Decorate with furniture you love!

Since you’re renting an apartment, you’re not stuck paying home insurance or saving up for that emergency fund in case something bad happens. So, why not invest in some lovely, unique pieces that will stay with you forever? Choose furniture and décor that’s versatile and long-lasting to give your apartment a high-style, elegant appearance.

For Local Movers in Toronto, Call Firemen Movers

Your apartment can look absolutely amazing, you just need to get creative, use your imagination, and come up with ideas to make your apartment your own! Give your local movers in Toronto a call at Firemen Movers for quality services, friendly support, and cost-effective pricing.

Professional Moving Companies in Ontario Share Advice on De-Cluttering Before Your Move

Overwhelmed by All the Clutter? Make Packing Less Stressful with our Pro Advice

If you’ve lived in the same place for many years, then chances are you’ve accumulated a significant number of things. While some folks might keep their home ultra-organized, the reality is most of us don’t – living in a messy clutter that’s simply become the norm. As such, the idea of packing may give you a giant headache. Where should you start? How will you get through it all?

Before you begin to feel completely in a tizzy, we have the following advice to simplify the whole moving process. As one of the leading moving companies in Ontario, Firemen Movers are here when you need us!


Expert Moving Companies in Ontario Share Advice on De-Cluttering Before Your Move

Start with a Serious Organizational Shakeup

Before you begin packing, try to organize all your items. This is an essential step since the last thing you need is to pay extra to move things you don’t want or need. Create three piles in each room: Keep, Sell, and Donate. The things you wish to keep will be packed once you finish sorting through everything. The things you want to sell can be sold at a garage sale or via an online app like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. Gently used items can be given away or donated. Things that don’t fall within any of these categories because they’re too damaged or defective can be recycled or repurposed.

Separate your Essentials

Now, before you just go ahead and pack everything up after organizing your home, stop for a minute! It’s important to separate the items you’ll need right away on moving day once you’ve arrived at your new home. Basically, you’ll want to separate towels, bed linens, toiletries, a change of clothes, and a few dishes and cutlery, which will tide you over until you’re completely settled in.

Clearly Label Every Container

Speed up the move-in process astronomically with clearly detailed labels. Don’t just write which room the box goes in, but rather write out a list of everything that’s in the box, too. When you’re desperately searching for something the day after you transfer, you’ll be thanking us because it will take you minutes to find, thanks to the labels.

Use “To Do” Lists to Keep Everything in Order

Check out the relocation apps available for free nowadays. They’re excellent tools to help you stay organized when things get crazy. Plus, some of them give you “To Do” lists and other checklists to keep you on track.

Moving Companies in Ontario

Hopefully, you’ve found our advice helpful and use some of the pointers before the big day arrives. And, as usual, if you need dependable, experienced moving companies in Ontario for your upcoming transfer, give us a call at Firemen Movers!