5 Tricks for Packing your Clothes From Moving and Storage Experts in Toronto

packingUsually, unless you start packing for a move, you don’t quite realize just how much clothes you own. Multiplied by the number of people who live with you, and you may end up feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of outfits. The thing is, packing clothes can indeed be a tricky task, because not everything fits neatly into a box. While some things need to be left on a hanger, others may need extra care as they’re delicate or hold sentimental value.

So, what can you do to make sure everything survives the big move? Our moving and storage experts at Firemen Movers have the following tips to help you out!

Tips For Packing Your Clothes From Moving and Storage Experts in Toronto

#1 – Wrap Delicate Items with Clothes

Firstly, before we get into how to pack clothes, let’s address how useful everyday clothes like tee-shirts and sweaters can be as a protective wrap for breakables. With these thick coverings, you’ll prevent chipping, scratches, and other such damage.

#2 – Boxes

For the most part, items like jackets, shirts, jeans, underwear, and socks can be packed together in boxes. The key to proper packing, however, to ensure you don’t overfill the cartons. Doing so would lessen the structural integrity of the boxes, causing the material to crease, bend, and bow. Ultimately, this would result in a lack of protection, and possibly eventual breakage.

#3 – Wardrobe Cartons

Many people don’t even know wardrobe boxes even exist. At least, not until their moving and storage professionals offer the option to them. These cartons are great for dressier clothes that shouldn’t be folded, such as dress shirts, suits, or fancy gowns.

#4 – Garbage Bags

If you’re looking for a quick, easy (ad cheap) way to store several things that don’t need the protective security of a harder material, garbage bags are definitely the way to go. Also, in a pinch, they make fantastic coverings for clothes on hangers. Just punch a hole through the middle of the bottom of the bag and insert a group of hangers.

#5 – Leave your Clothes in the Dresser

When preparing for a move, feel free to leave your clothes in the dresser for the trip. However, to ensure everything stays within the dresser during transport, tape the drawers well to the frame of the dresser, so they don’t come flying off when the truck hits a bump.

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5 Things Firemen Movers do to Protect your Items

Moving Companies That Care – 5 Things We Do To Protect Your Items

Delivery Men Carrying Cardboard Box Against Truck

If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of our crew at Firemen Movers, then you may want to learn about what exactly we do to make sure your items are protected during a move. As one of the top moving companies in the region, our goal is to provide our clients with a smooth, seamless relocation. Are you better off transferring your household belongings yourself or calling on moving companies for assistance? Well, we believe that once you read through the 5 things we do to limit possible damage, you’ll quickly come to understand that only the professionals can give you a perfect move.

1 – External Bumpers

Inside and outside, we use bumpers pretty much everywhere, adding them to doorframes to protect against an accidental hit to your boxes, furniture, and other items.

2 – Protective Blankets

We wrap our own equipment in blankets to protect your belongings against unintentional scratches and dents, as we’re transferring your items from one place to the next.

3 – Modern Equipment

As well, we always use the proper equipment for relocation. For instance, we regularly use large, industrial-strength rubber bands to secure belongings during the move. On large items that may have swinging doors or pieces that don’t close correctly, these bands work well, wrapping around the items to keep them both closed and on the equipment. Also, this means your pieces won’t suddenly open during shipment, or even shift around creating a big problem.

4 – Heavy-Duty Wrapping

To further protect pieces, we often secure them with heavy-duty wrapping. Essentially, if we believe it needs to be wrapped for security purposes, it will be. Dining room chairs, buffets, wardrobes, kitchen tables – you name it, we’ll wrap it to protect it.

5 – Additional Attachments on Truck

As the last measure of protection, we also use special attachments on our trucks to ensure all objects are well-secured while on route. This prevents the load from shifting around and potentially causing serious issues.

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