helping kids cope with moving

Ways Kids Can Help During a Move

When your family is preparing for a move, chances are you squeeze in time on your weekends and evenings to pack, while the regular routine continues. With so much going on at once it can be hard to manage your move on your own. But if you are moving with kids, there are extra hands to help. Your kids can be a big part of your moving process, and it works twofold: you get your house ready in time for your moving date and your kids stay busy and entertained. Kids love to help out with grown up chores, so here are some moving tips to help your children get involved.

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How Should You Dispose of Hazardous Waste Before a Move?

When you’re cleaning through your home preparing for a move, you’ll probably notice a lot of old items that you need to throw away. Among these things may be hazardous materials that cannot go out with the regular trash. There is a safe and careful way to discard these substances, so keep on reading to find out how to dispose of hazardous waste with professional junk removal services.

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How to Pack Mirrors for Moving

Moving into a new home is exciting as you daydream about how to set up each room but hauling heavy objects can be a nightmare. Moving a 100-pound large mirror isn’t fun and if you’ve never done it before, you may be wondering where to begin. Packing mirrors doesn’t have to scare you; with a few helpful moving and packing tips, you’ll be on your way. Here’s how you can carefully pack mirrors to prevent them from breaking during your move.

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