Moving Essentials

7 Essentials to Keep on Hand for Your Move

When you’re moving, you may not have what you need readily available when you need it. By paying attention to these moving tips and stocking up on these moving essentials, it will allow you to transition seamlessly into your new home.

First Aid Box and Medications

Whether you have a small mishap like cutting your finger or not is immaterial. Keeping a first aid box handy means that if anyone needs first aid, you can quickly handle the situation. Medications should also be kept on hand for all members of your family who need them. This could include a wide list of OTC or prescription medications that will be available if the stress or change from moving prompts their need.

Important Keys/Codes

Of course, you will likely have the keys to enter your new home in order to move in. But what about other concerns like security codes, or keys to other areas of your new home such as side doors or private rooms? Talk to your realtor, the old homeowners, or the building concierge in advance so that you are prepared to get access to all areas of your new home or building.

Tool Kit

Think about how often you will need common screwdrivers to assemble and disassemble different items like shelves, appliances, etc. There will also be simple ways to take apart your IKEA furniture, so keep that Allen key handy (As for reassembly, that could be a bigger challenge ). Scissors and/or a box-cutter are also your best bets for cutting the tape and string used in sealing and in opening your boxes.

Healthy Snacks, Water, and Sports Drinks

You will more than likely find yourself slowly becoming dehydrated as you endure the task of moving. Make sure that you properly hydrate yourself using water or sports drinks. Also consider recharging yourself with healthy snacks in order to maintain your energy level.

Mobile Device Charger

This is more important than you may realize, as your whole family likely depends on their smartphones and tablets for communication. Then there’s the need to entertain yourselves on long drives. Having a charger or multiport USB charger handy to keep your devices fully charged will pay huge dividends if you hit a snag and require directions, help, or just about anything else you use your mobile devices for.

Garbage Bags

As you move out—and move in—you will find yourself discarding a slew of items from old junk to packing materials. It’s polite to leave a clean house or apartment behind and it becomes pragmatic to start your move off with a clutter-free home.

Professional Movers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there to help with your move—someone who was completely prepared for any contingency? That’s where moving services like Firemen Movers can help. We are a GTA-based moving company that has a wealth of experience in all aspects of moving. This allows us to think about all the small details and be there to fully support you. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote on our services

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