Toronto Movers Share 7 tips on how best to pack your holiday decorations

Toronto Movers Share 7 tips on how best to pack your holiday decorations

The holiday season can be jam-packed with excitement and wonderful traditions of decorating the family tree.  Yet, when comes the time to put all those ornaments away, holiday enthusiasm can disappear almost as quickly as grandma’s spiked eggnog.  Our friendly experts at Firemen Movers have some cute anecdotes of their own when it comes to family holiday traditions.  As top-rated Toronto movers, they can share some great tips on protecting all those little, big, odd-shaped or fragile holiday trinkets.

Keeping holiday lights untangled:

  • Cut rectangles from an old cardboard box and indent the sides (similar to an hourglass shape). Use one cardboard for each light string.
  • Wrap each light string (like a string on a spool) and tuck the end under to make it stay put.

Protecting your re-usable tree:

  • Using industrial shrink wrap (the type movers use) to wrap your tree will make it easier to handle and store.
  • Start by dismantling your tree (if it comes apart) and wrap each part individually.
  • Store in a large bag (some are especially for trees – with casters). One or two extra-large bins may also work.
  • Place in a storage area dedicated to annually used items to avoid moving bulky things around throughout the year to access more regularly used ones.
  • To avoid the risk of damage and consider warehousing larger things if you don’t have space. Our Toronto movers provide heated storing facilities with flexible size options starting from just 35 square feet.

Packing your ornaments:

  • Start collecting those egg cartons because they’re perfect for storing smaller ornaments!
  • Larger items can be stored in a box made into a mini “wardrobe”. Toronto movers use “wardrobe boxes” to store your closet items and this is a variation.
    • You’ll need a large sturdy cardboard box, 2 dowels, and holes bored into the box where you’ll fit the dowels.
    • Determine the position for holes and bore them (do a dry run with ornaments on dowels to figure out spacing).
    • Thread dowels with ornaments and carefully feed through holes to secure in place.

Don’t forget to label our boxes properly for easy identification!  Firemen Movers have years of experience dealing with your transfer and storage needs.  Call today for a free moving estimate!

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