Packing and Moving Tips: Colour Coding for a Residential Move

If you’ve moved homes before or are in the process of doing so for the first time, then you know how hectic and unorganized it can get. A messy, unorganized move will only make for a messier move-in that’ll annoy and frustrate all those you’ve enlisted to help. One of the most helpful packing and moving tips you’ll ever receive is it to keep it organized from the beginning by colour coding your boxes—you’ll find that things will flow much better that way. It doesn’t matter if you have the best moving company in Toronto by your side; if you aren’t organized, your move will be one giant headache. Whether you’ve hired packing services in Toronto to help you or not, learning about the advantages of colour coding your moving boxes will help your move go as smoothly as ever.

Easy Visualization

Colour coding your boxes according to which room they’re meant for will give you a clear visual of which rooms have been completely packed for, and show you which ones still need to be worked on. This will help you better prioritize your to-do list, allowing you to delegate tasks and get things done much faster.

Save Time

Colour coding your moving boxes will also help you save time and unpack even faster. Each coloured box can be taken straight to their assigned room, and be unpacked there—there’ll be no digging through anonymous boxes to figure out what goes where.

Clearer Labelling

While written labels get the job done, colour-coded labels make things substantially easier. Once you’ve assigned a colour to each room in the house, your helpers will find it much easier to figure out what goes where. They won’t have to turn all the boxes around to make sure they’re taking it to the right place—just a quick glance, and they’ll know. Plus, you’ll be less likely to accidentally throw something in the wrong box, and spend the next two months looking for it in all the wrong boxes.

Reduce Stress

Since everything will be organized and easy to find, your move is guaranteed to be less stressful. Its super easy to become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, but getting organized from the beginning and making a real effort to stay that way through your move will undoubtedly make things easier to handle.

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