Why You Should Plan a House Move in Early Spring

The reality is that most people don’t have the freedom to choose when they want their move to happen due to uncontrollable factors like job requirements and family. If you are fortunate enough, however, to choose when to plan your house move, you should plan an early spring move. There are many reasons why residential moving in early spring is the best time to relocate. Here are some you should know about.

You Get an Early Start

Moving during the spring allows you to get an early start, so that you can work with the moving company of your choice, without worrying about overbooking. It allows you to pack, move, get unpacked, and set up your home in time for the summer. You can also host a housewarming party and encourage your family and friends to visit your new place in the summer, when you’re settled in.

Suitable Weather

The success of a move is greatly impacted by the weather. It isn’t fun to think about moving trucks holding your valuables, driving through snowy or icy roads. It is also a drag to lift heavy boxes and move on hot days, when there isn’t a breeze to be found. Springtime has fairly good weather, which makes it perfect for busy moves.

Spring Breaks

If you’re moving your entire house, you should make sure that you have enough time to pack your belongings. Spring break is the perfect time of year to schedule your move because you will have the time to get help from every family member. Your kids also won’t miss any school, as they will be moving during a week-long break. Alternatively, if you want the freedom to organize and pack while your children are busy, school days maybe more favourable. Whichever style works best for you, spring is a great time to relocate.

Coordinate with Spring Cleaning and Garage Sales

Traditionally, spring has been considered the time of year to give your house a deep cleaning and organize everything. Since local movers, especially long-distance movers, use the total distance and weight of the items being moved to calculate their rates, spring cleaning allows you to prepare for your move. You can go through all your items and throw away, sell, or donate anything you don’t need. This way, you will save on moving costs and enjoy less unnecessary packing, as you are bringing less junk along.

Best Professional Movers Available

Springtime is a great time to relocate because professional movers will be readily available. They receive a high volume of relocation requests in the summer, so if you work a few weeks or months ahead of the peak season, it will be easier for you to secure your preferred move-in date, even on short notice.

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