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How to Prepare Your Kids for a Big Move

Moving is difficult enough when you consider the time it takes to pack, clean, load the trucks, and then do everything all over again when you get to your new home. With kids to the mix, on top of everything else, you’re trying to organize, you have to figure out ways of helping kids cope with moving too.

One of the biggest moving tips, which you should put on your moving-with-kids checklist, is patience. You’ll need plenty of it if kids are involved and if you don’t want to get any more overwhelmed with your move.

Understanding child psychology means knowing your child specifically. You have the best gauge as to how much attention they’ll need during your move. Luckily, we’ll share some house moving tips that will get both you and your children through the process without too much friction. Try your best to meet their needs by following some of them.

Communicate with Your Child from Beginning to End

No matter the circumstances surrounding your move, you just never know how kids are going to react. Keeping them in the loop from the very beginning adds perspective to what’s happening and opens the door for them to discuss any possible concerns. Depending on your child’s age, be as open as possible so they aren’t surprised by any part of the move.

Get Your Kids Involved in the Packing

One way to make packing a bit more fun is to get the kids involved. Make it even more enticing by letting them pack up a box filled with their favourite things. Like it or not, moving is going to take a lot of time and as many hands as possible. Even if your kids pitch in a little bit, it helps relieve some of the work and keeps them involved in the process.

Have a Family Picnic after You Move

This seems like an odd thing to do, but having a small picnic after you’ve moved is a great way to reward yourself for the move. You likely have long days and weeks ahead to get fully settled in. Taking some time to gather your family—including the kids—creates a light moment in the midst of your hectic move. The picnic can be completely impromptu and can even happen in your new home before you’re fully unpacked. Just order some food and eat on a blanket on the floor use plastic plates and knives so you get an authentic picnic experience and you’re not giving yourself any extra work with cooking and dishes.

Make Sure Your Child’s Bedroom Is Set Up First

Moving is actually just as hard on children as it is on adults. In some instances, it can be worse. You hope to make them as comfortable as possible, and one way of doing this is to set their bedroom up before any other room in the house. Not only does planning this way give your children a comfortable bed to sleep in, it also helps ease them into the transition process.

Get Your Kids Familiar with Their New Surroundings

You obviously moved somewhere you think your children would appreciate, but don’t expect them to realize it on their own. You need to show your children why their new neighbourhood is amazing. Taking them on walks, checking out the local shops, or even going on joint bike rides to explore the streets are all great ways to get your children accommodated quickly.

Encourage Your Child to Make New Friends

Your child is naturally going to hold on to their old friends. It’s who they feel most comfortable with. You shouldn’t discourage them from doing this. However, it’s important you encourage your children to be open the idea of welcoming new friends into their lives. New friends also help make the move much easier for children. Knowing they have someone close by to talk to and play with is a load off your shoulders.

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