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Residential Moving: 4 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is a hassle on its own, but it’s more so when having to do it with pets. You may overlook the amount of equipment that these furry family members come with, but the truth is that they may have just as much luggage as you do. From grooming and maintenance products to food, pet carriers, bedding, and other accessories, you may spend more time packing for a pet than you’d originally planned. What if we told you that you could actually hire professional pet movers to help you transport your pet efficiently and safely? When preparing to move with a pet, you’ll need to follow more than just the basic residential moving tips. If you’ve never moved with pets before, we’ve put together this guide of tips that may help your relocation go a little more smoothly.

Prepare Your Pets for Travelling

There are a few things you can do to prepare you pet for your move before the big day. If you think adjusting to a new environment can be stressful, just think about how worrisome it can be for animals who have no idea what’s going on! In order to build them up to the final relocation, make it a point to take you pet around to different locations, and maybe even on an overnight trip. Getting your pet accustomed to different environments will relieve some of the stress when they’re moved into your new home and faced with the task of familiarizing themselves with their surroundings.

Update Your Pet’s Identification Tags

Remember to update your pet’s identification tags with your new address and change the address associated with their microchip. Be sure to include information like your full address as well as your home and cellphone number so that you can be reached immediately.

Consult Your Pet’s Veterinarian

Consult your veterinarian before you move, and let them know you’ll be moving in the near future—they’ll likely have some tips to relieve the stress on your furry friend. If you’re moving out of country, remember to get all shots necessary for boarding and travelling.

Hire Professional Pet Movers

One of the most helpful pet-moving tips we can give pet owners is to hire a professional pet mover. Professional pet moving services are especially helpful when moving abroad—they’ll take care of things like arranging flights and ensuring a direct connection, making sure all international requirements are met, ensuring all permits are ready, and can even arrange for kennelling on either end. Chances are you already have more to worry about that you can probably handle, and a professional pet mover can help take some of those tasks off your hands.

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