Moving Companies Mississauga: 6 Tips to Stay Cool During Your Move

6 Tips to Stay Cool While Moving in Summer

Come summertime, there’ll be plenty of people moving under the hot, blazing sun. But doing all that hard work under scalding heat can really ignite your stress levels. Whether you’ve gathered your friends for some moving assistance or you’re helping your professional movers with some finishing touches, you’ll want to be extra careful not to overexert yourself. Check out the following 6 tips to stay cool during your move.


  1. Start early

If you can, then start your move super early in the morning to avoid doing most of the hard work under peak-hour sun, which is from around 11 a.m. to about 4 p.m. If you’ve enlisted one of the moving companies in Mississauga, then try calling them at least a few weeks in advance to see if you can set your move time to early morning.

  1. Wear lightweight clothing and use sunscreen

Loose-fitting, light-weight clothing in lighter colors will make you feel less hot. Don’t forget sunscreen so you avoid getting a sunburn.

  1. Wear safe footwear

On moving day, skip the flip flops and sandals. What you need is protective footwear to keep your feet safe. Sneakers not only cover your entire foot and provide ample protection, they’re also very comfortable – something you’ll surely need on your big day!

  1. Stay hydrated

Make sure that you and your chosen team stays hydrated. Though moving companies in Mississauga oblige their crew to wear proper protective gear, they don’t necessarily provide their movers with the correct amount of water before their shift. It’s always a nice gesture to keep extra water on hand for them too.

  1. Keep snacks on hand

Although the summer heat tends to make most people lose their appetite, it’s still essential to snack throughout the day to maintain your energy. Sweating excessively causes the body to lose salt, so eat a healthy snack and replenish your body with electrolytes to replace what’s lost.

  1. Mark boxes that are heat-sensitive

Artwork, computer equipment, and electronics are just a few items that are sensitive to heat. Make sure to clearly mark their containers to ensure they’re well-protected and not left in the sun accidentally for a long period of time.

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