moving insurance coverage

How to Determine the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Move

If you’ve hired movers to help get all your belongings into your new home without having to break too much of a sweat yourself, you may be a little worried for your precious household items. No matter who you enlist to help with your move, you know that no one will ever be as gentle as you when it comes to handling your beloved antique grandfather clock! Accidents also happen sometimes, so it’s a good idea to get moving insurance coverage to protect your valuable belongings and give you peace of mind.

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junk removal near me

Top 3 Signs of a Top-Quality Junk Removal Service

A new year means new resolutions. While many people promise to hit the gym or read a book a month, others are vowing simply to make this the year they finally clean out the clutter in their homes. From the garage to the attic—and some rooms in between—junk removal and junk disposal is something that goes a long way in making homeowners feel good about their properties.

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helping kids cope with moving

How to Prepare Your Kids for a Big Move

Moving is difficult enough when you consider the time it takes to pack, clean, load the trucks, and then do everything all over again when you get to your new home. With kids to the mix, on top of everything else, you’re trying to organize, you have to figure out ways of helping kids cope with moving too.

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hiring professional movers

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Movers

Moving isn’t an easy thing to do. So much is involved in packing correctly and making sure all of your belongings get safely to your new home or office. In some instances, people try to take on this challenge themselves. But hiring professional movers is the best option for moving quickly and ensuring everything is managed in an organized fashion.

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unpacking services toronto

Quick Tips and Tricks for Unpacking after Your Move

So you’ve finally moved into your new place. You may be excited because the bulk of the work is over, but don’t forget about one thing: unpacking after a move. Not to worry. The good news is just like there are tips to make your move go smoother; so here are a few good unpacking tips to make that part of your move a lot less stressful.

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stress free moving tips

Tips to Make Your Moving Experience Stress Free

Moving has to be right up there with going to the dentist as one of the things people just really hate doing. Although it may not be as physically painful as getting a root canal, moving stress is just as real. And just like going to the dentist, it’s something that has to be done from time to time.

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