Toronto Movers Share 7 tips on how best to pack your holiday decorations

Toronto Movers Share 7 tips on how best to pack your holiday decorations

The holiday season can be jam-packed with excitement and wonderful traditions of decorating the family tree.  Yet, when comes the time to put all those ornaments away, holiday enthusiasm can disappear almost as quickly as grandma’s spiked eggnog.  Our friendly experts at Firemen Movers have some cute anecdotes of their own when it comes to family holiday traditions.  As top-rated Toronto movers, they can share some great tips on protecting all those little, big, odd-shaped or fragile holiday trinkets.

Keeping holiday lights untangled:

  • Cut rectangles from an old cardboard box and indent the sides (similar to an hourglass shape). Use one cardboard for each light string.
  • Wrap each light string (like a string on a spool) and tuck the end under to make it stay put.

Protecting your re-usable tree:

  • Using industrial shrink wrap (the type movers use) to wrap your tree will make it easier to handle and store.
  • Start by dismantling your tree (if it comes apart) and wrap each part individually.
  • Store in a large bag (some are especially for trees – with casters). One or two extra-large bins may also work.
  • Place in a storage area dedicated to annually used items to avoid moving bulky things around throughout the year to access more regularly used ones.
  • To avoid the risk of damage and consider warehousing larger things if you don’t have space. Our Toronto movers provide heated storing facilities with flexible size options starting from just 35 square feet.

Packing your ornaments:

  • Start collecting those egg cartons because they’re perfect for storing smaller ornaments!
  • Larger items can be stored in a box made into a mini “wardrobe”. Toronto movers use “wardrobe boxes” to store your closet items and this is a variation.
    • You’ll need a large sturdy cardboard box, 2 dowels, and holes bored into the box where you’ll fit the dowels.
    • Determine the position for holes and bore them (do a dry run with ornaments on dowels to figure out spacing).
    • Thread dowels with ornaments and carefully feed through holes to secure in place.

Don’t forget to label our boxes properly for easy identification!  Firemen Movers have years of experience dealing with your transfer and storage needs.  Call today for a free moving estimate!

Preparing for a Moving During the Winter? Call Firemen Movers!

Preparing for moving during winter? Rely on Firemen Movers to get it Done!

While we can’t always choose the best time for a move, there are numerous things we can do ahead of time to decrease the overall stress that comes with a transfer, especially it involves one during the cold season.  One of those can be to hire a moving company that has industry experience dealing with moves in inclement weather, such as can often happen during our colder months.  As one of the top-rated industry professionals in the GTA, Firemen Movers is well-equipped to deal with the reality of Canadian winters.  Their knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and provide expert advice on coordinating a move.  What’s more, since demand is lower in winter, you’ll end up saving!

Do I need to take extra precautions for my winter move?

Wondering if special preparations are needed?  That’s completely valid as certain variables come into play when snow and freezing temperatures interact with the demands of hauling heavy furniture in and out.  Nevertheless, as our experts at Firemen Movers will confirm, there are certain things that can help take the edge off and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Communication is key:  

  • Stay tuned to weather conditions weeks and days leading up to your move to ensure that roads will be accessible. Worst-case scenario: call your customer care contact about re-scheduling;
  • Reach out to your contact the week before and again a couple of days before the move to make sure weather conditions will continue to be conducive;

Prepare at home (consider both, if moving out of one and into another):

  • Lay down extra mats by entry/exit points to help contain messes;
  • Turn off your heat during the in-and-out. Bundle up, have extra gloves

handy and some warm beverages (for you and your movers);

  • Ensure that your pets are kenneled or cared for ahead of time, outside your home;
  • Make certain that your sidewalk, driveway, and stairs are cleared of snow and ice;
  • Avoid last-minute surprise shoveling by double-checking snow removal/plow schedules;
  • Have extra drop cloths/blankets ready in case of unexpected snow or rain;
  • Double wrap more fragile items to protect against cold conditions;
  • Place 1-2 days of essentials (including winter clothing) in your car, not the moving truck!

These and many other suggestions are available! Call Firemen Movers today for a hassle-free estimate.

GTA Moving Companies Share Tips on Saving Money Before Your Move

GTA Moving Companies Share Tips on Saving Money Before Your Move

Save Some Extra Bucks on Moving Day by Preparing Meals in Advance

GTA Moving Companies Help Save You Money

With moving day less than a week away, it’s time to get cracking on planning meals in advance. Since this isn’t your first relocation, you’re well-aware of how important it is to have meals ready to go once the hunger hits. Ordering in over several days can cost a pretty penny, so you’d like to avoid that – and the greasy food – altogether. As you’re all for healthier cuisine and being more cost-effective, you decide preparing meals in advance is indeed the way to go. If that approach sounds good to you, check out the following tips to help you out, provided by one of the best-rated GTA moving companies – Firemen Movers!

Start with a healthy breakfast

Moving day starts early in the morning, so you’ll need your energy from a good, healthy breakfast. Don’t be tempted to skip this very essential meal or scarf down cold pizza instead by planning out an easy, quick, and simple menu. Microwavable oatmeal with fruit or a premade omelet are excellent choices. Make sure to set aside disposable cutlery and dishes so clean-up and packing aren’t an issue.

Keep snacks handy

The day will whizz by fast and you’ll likely find yourself unable to take many breaks. However, it’s essential to keep hydrated and have a healthy snack every few hours. Prepare healthy, non-perishable options in advance, such as fruit, protein or granola bars, and cut-up veggies, so you’re not tempted to reach for the chip bags. Pre-portion everything in small Ziploc baggies to make snacking even easier.

Leftovers are a moving homeowner’s best friend

When going through your fridge to prepare it for moving day, don’t throughout leftovers simply because you don’t know what to do with them. Rather, use several single-meal-sized Tupperware containers to pre-measure lunches and dinners. You can always freeze them in advance, so on moving day when you remove them, they’ll travel well in an insulated bag or thermal container. And, upon arrival, you’ll be set with several healthy meals for the family that you can easily microwave.

Use your oven for frozen meals

Packages of large frozen meals are a real godsend on moving day. All you have to do is pop them in the oven, set the timer, continue unpacking for a bit, then eat when the timer goes off. Voila! No worry about cooking in advance and clean-up is super minimal.

Look for top-rated GTA moving companies? Call us today at Firemen Movers for excellent services at affordable rates. When you place your trust in one of the best GTA moving companies, you’re assured quality results!


Local Movers in Toronto, ON Share Tips For Greener Moves

Local Movers in Toronto, ON Share Tips For Greener Moves

eco friendly movesIs sustainability an important issue in your family? If so, perhaps you’re thinking about how your upcoming move can be greener. Well, the great things are that, nowadays, you certainly have more eco-friendly options. At Firemen Movers, our local movers in Toronto place great importance on this very issue. We’d be more than happy to discuss with you the many ways we approach household transfers in an eco-friendlier manner. As such, we’ve come up with the following advice to make your future relocation more environmentally mindful.

Go with reusable bins instead of boxes

Instead of purchasing a large number of cardboard boxes for your move, you may want to consider getting reusable plastic storage bins. Typically, cardboard boxes are thrown out or recycled after a move because they’re usually quite beat-up. If not, they’re often flattened and stored in the garage for years to come, possibly molding and becoming unusable. Bins, however, can be reused over and over again, offering a sturdier way to transport your belongings and a means to store them as well.

Recycle or reuse boxes

At times, plastic bins are simply not a viable option, be it because they’re too expensive or you just don’t want a bunch of them once the move is over. In such case, reuse them, donate them, or recycle them afterward. If you’re not sure which facilities will take them for recycling, just ask our local movers in Toronto and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Purge your home

Before you start packing up your belongings, take the time to go through everything to declutter and purge what you don’t need. As you can imagine, doing so will give you fewer things to pack – which means you’ll have less to move. In turn, less moving means a greener relocation.

Clean with green supplies

Whether you clean your new home before you move in or after the big day has come and gone, when doing so think about opting for greener, more eco-conscious cleaning supplies. Not only will they be better for the environment, but they’ll be a healthier choice for you too!

Contact us today at Firemen Movers for local movers in Toronto that truly care about you and the environment.

Move your Library Easily with These 3 Tips From Movers in Toronto

movers in torontoWhether you’re transferring just a few shelves of novels or an entire library of books, packing them can seem quite intimidating. Should you box them altogether or wrap them individually? We have the answers for you in this quick, helpful relocation guide specific to books, magazines, and other paper prints. Don’t leave library packing to the very last minute just because you’re feeling worried about the task. Let us help you get started with the following advice from Firemen Movers – the movers in Toronto you can count on!

Move your Library Easily with These 3 Tips From Professional Movers in Toronto

Sort Through your Collection

Are you sure you want to keep those cooking magazines from the 1980’s? And those fad diet books – are they going or staying? Before packing anything, take the time to sort through your collection and set aside items you no longer want to keep. That way your movers in Toronto won’t be adding on unnecessary weight to your shipment.

Get the Right Packing Materials

With every book being the same shape and almost the identical size, you’d think packing books would be a total breeze. For the most part, it is, but only if you have the right packing materials. Make sure there’s no collapsing boxes on the way to the truck because they’re too heavy by opting to purchase premium supplies. Choose heavy-duty carton boxes and high-grade packaging tape to reinforce the structure, making sure to tape the bottom of the box as well. Lastly, add detailed labels to each carton, so you know where you placed each individual book.

Hire Professional Assistance

Hiring professional movers in Toronto ensures your books – and all your other household items – don’t get damaged in the transfer process. The truth is, only the experts have the proper equipment and tools to guarantee everything will transport smoothly. Add to that the experience and knowledge of a reliable, efficient team and you’re assured a seamless, stress-free move without a doubt.

If you’re in search of dependable movers in Toronto, call on our experts at Firemen Movers. Contact us today to find out more about our affordable rates and wide range of services.

The Right Way to Pack a PC – Tips From Moving and Storage Pros in Toronto

moving and storageThough you booked your move just a few months ago, your big day is now fast approaching and just around the corner. You’ve packed the vast majority of your belongings, but now comes the hard part: your personal computer. As one of the things you just can’t live without, you’ve left it for last, but it seems you can’t put it off any longer. There’s no need to feel intimidated by this packing process because Firemen Movers – the moving and storage Toronto pros – have you covered with the following advice.

The Right Way to Pack a PC – Tips From Moving and Storage Pros in Toronto

To pack your PC properly, you’ll need the right supplies:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Premium packaging tape
  • Plastic Ziploc bags
  • Packing paper
  • Label stickers
  • Bubble wrap
  • A high-grade cardboard box (one that’s not much bigger than the size of your PC)
  • Black Sharpie marker

Step 1. Build the cardboard box, ensuring you secure the bottom with several layers of tape.

Step 2. Scrunch up the packing paper and use it to line the inside bottom of the box. The crumpled paper will act as a protective layer to shield fragile components of the PC, such as the hard drive.

Step 3. Ideally, before beginning the packing process, you should have backed up your PC, just in case. Regardless, now’s the time to shut it down completely, remove all attachments and accessories, like chargers, cords, the mouse, and memory sticks. It’s a good idea to label individual cords, with the use of the sticker labels and black Sharpie, if you’re not familiar with the set-up.

Step 4. Using the plastic Ziploc bags, pack all the cables and cords individually. Again, you can add labels to these bags as well.

Step 5. Now, the PC tower should be wrapped with bubble wrap before adding it to the box. If you have a laptop, close it fully and wrap it with bubble wrap.

Step 6. If you have a monitor, wrap it in bubble wrap as well, securing the edges with packing tape. Before adding the monitor to the box, add several pieces of crumpled paper for added protection. Or, you can choose to package both items separately.

Step 7. If you have a keyboard, use the same process as mentioned above to wrap and secure it safely. Be generous with the paper layers in between your items as this adds extra protection.

Step 8. Either by adding sticker labels or simply writing directly on the box, use the Sharpie to clearly label the box FRAGILE. Write this on all sides of the container.

Contact Firemen Movers today for exceptional assistance in the Toronto area. Our professionals are ready to offer you the best moving and storage assistance for local, interprovince or transcontinental relocations.

Tips From Local Toronto Movers on How to Prepare for a Rainy-Day Move

moving on a rainy dayFinally, the big day is right around the corner! But, one look at the weather forecast leaves you moaning in despair. Apparently, Mother Nature has decided on a rainstorm for when your movers are scheduled to arrive. Relocating is already stressful enough as it is – of course, the last thing you want to deal with is a downpour!

At Firemen Movers, our professionals have overseen a ton of transfers in all kinds of weather. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, our experts have the following advice to help your move run smoothly, regardless of what it looks like outside your door.

Toronto Movers Share Tips on How to Prepare for a Rainy-Day Move

Add Extra Reinforce to your boxes

Cardboard boxes are a must-have for any relocation. They’re strong, sturdy, and durable – but not when they’re wet! However, adding extra packing tape – especially on the bottom of the box – will reinforce the structure and prevent sogginess and sagging.

Mark Items that Cannot Get Wet

While most items can handle a few drops of rain, there are indeed some things that simply must not get wet. Thus, it’s essential to mark these items clearly, so the movers know they require special attention. You can use brightly colored paper like yellow or fluorescent sticky notes, but just make sure the note is big enough to get noticed. Also, make sure to bring it to your relocation team’s attention before they start loading everything onto the truck. You may even want to set these more delicate things together, placing them in the corner of a room with another note about water susceptibility above them.

Use Plastic Mattress Protectors and Covers

Mattresses need plastic protectors even when it’s not raining. So, in the event of rain or other problematic weather, your mattresses should be shielded regardless. Other pieces of furniture like couches and chairs – basically anything upholstered – needs plastic sheet covering as well.

Don’t Forget the Beauty of Garbage Bags

It’s amazing how handy garbage bags can be during a transfer – and they’re waterproof too! Keep pretty much anything you can think of dry by placing them in garbage bags. Or, you can cut open the sides of the bag to create a plastic sheet for a makeshift cover. Lots of clothes on hangers, but not sure how to prevent them from getting drenched? Just poke a hole through the top of a garbage bag and slide a bunch of hangers through and – Voila! – an instant garment bag.

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5 Tricks for Packing your Clothes From Moving and Storage Experts in Toronto

packingUsually, unless you start packing for a move, you don’t quite realize just how much clothes you own. Multiplied by the number of people who live with you, and you may end up feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of outfits. The thing is, packing clothes can indeed be a tricky task, because not everything fits neatly into a box. While some things need to be left on a hanger, others may need extra care as they’re delicate or hold sentimental value.

So, what can you do to make sure everything survives the big move? Our moving and storage experts at Firemen Movers have the following tips to help you out!

Tips For Packing Your Clothes From Moving and Storage Experts in Toronto

#1 – Wrap Delicate Items with Clothes

Firstly, before we get into how to pack clothes, let’s address how useful everyday clothes like tee-shirts and sweaters can be as a protective wrap for breakables. With these thick coverings, you’ll prevent chipping, scratches, and other such damage.

#2 – Boxes

For the most part, items like jackets, shirts, jeans, underwear, and socks can be packed together in boxes. The key to proper packing, however, to ensure you don’t overfill the cartons. Doing so would lessen the structural integrity of the boxes, causing the material to crease, bend, and bow. Ultimately, this would result in a lack of protection, and possibly eventual breakage.

#3 – Wardrobe Cartons

Many people don’t even know wardrobe boxes even exist. At least, not until their moving and storage professionals offer the option to them. These cartons are great for dressier clothes that shouldn’t be folded, such as dress shirts, suits, or fancy gowns.

#4 – Garbage Bags

If you’re looking for a quick, easy (ad cheap) way to store several things that don’t need the protective security of a harder material, garbage bags are definitely the way to go. Also, in a pinch, they make fantastic coverings for clothes on hangers. Just punch a hole through the middle of the bottom of the bag and insert a group of hangers.

#5 – Leave your Clothes in the Dresser

When preparing for a move, feel free to leave your clothes in the dresser for the trip. However, to ensure everything stays within the dresser during transport, tape the drawers well to the frame of the dresser, so they don’t come flying off when the truck hits a bump.

Looking for moving and storage experts? Then look no further than Firemen Movers for quality assistance!

5 Things Firemen Movers do to Protect your Items

Moving Companies That Care – 5 Things We Do To Protect Your Items

Delivery Men Carrying Cardboard Box Against Truck

If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of our crew at Firemen Movers, then you may want to learn about what exactly we do to make sure your items are protected during a move. As one of the top moving companies in the region, our goal is to provide our clients with a smooth, seamless relocation. Are you better off transferring your household belongings yourself or calling on moving companies for assistance? Well, we believe that once you read through the 5 things we do to limit possible damage, you’ll quickly come to understand that only the professionals can give you a perfect move.

1 – External Bumpers

Inside and outside, we use bumpers pretty much everywhere, adding them to doorframes to protect against an accidental hit to your boxes, furniture, and other items.

2 – Protective Blankets

We wrap our own equipment in blankets to protect your belongings against unintentional scratches and dents, as we’re transferring your items from one place to the next.

3 – Modern Equipment

As well, we always use the proper equipment for relocation. For instance, we regularly use large, industrial-strength rubber bands to secure belongings during the move. On large items that may have swinging doors or pieces that don’t close correctly, these bands work well, wrapping around the items to keep them both closed and on the equipment. Also, this means your pieces won’t suddenly open during shipment, or even shift around creating a big problem.

4 – Heavy-Duty Wrapping

To further protect pieces, we often secure them with heavy-duty wrapping. Essentially, if we believe it needs to be wrapped for security purposes, it will be. Dining room chairs, buffets, wardrobes, kitchen tables – you name it, we’ll wrap it to protect it.

5 – Additional Attachments on Truck

As the last measure of protection, we also use special attachments on our trucks to ensure all objects are well-secured while on route. This prevents the load from shifting around and potentially causing serious issues.

Don’t you want one of the best-rated moving companies to oversee your upcoming relocation? Give us a call at Firemen Movers today and find out first-hand why our experts are truly excellent!

Top 10 Things to do in Toronto – A List From Firemen Movers

Top 10 Things to do in Toronto

Toronto MoversIt’s no exaggeration to say Toronto has what seems to be a countless list of attractions and landmarks, not to mention boutiques and trendy restaurants. But if you’re pressed for time, the following top 10 ten things to do in Toronto will certainly be worth the trip. If you’re planning on moving to this great Canadian city, don’t forget to call on your friendly, professional Toronto movers – Firemen Movers.

1 – CN Tower

In Toronto’s gorgeous skyline, the CN Tower is by far the most famous. In fact, one can say no trip to T.O. is complete without visiting this stately structure. Try to visit the LookOut level on a clear day, so you can appreciate the view over Lake Ontario and across the city from way up.

2 – The Eaton Centre

Similar in stature to NYC’s Times Square, Toronto’s The Eaton Center, just off Yonge-Dundas Square, offers countless opportunities to shop the day away.

3 – Toronto Harbour

Toronto’s Harbourfront, which looks out over Lake Ontario, is undoubtedly one of the most scenic places in the city. Now, the area sees more than 4000 annual community events, as home to the Harbourfront Center and a hub of many cultural activities.

4 – Kensington Market

Multicultural and vibrant, you won’t want to miss the downtown neighborhood of Kensington Market. Some of the areas most interesting and quirky community art galleries, vintage stores, and boutiques are in this area, working out of converted Victorian houses.

5 – Haunted Tour of Toronto

The Haunted Walk will lead you on a ghostly trek of Toronto’s past. Choose from three different spooky tours, with one of them offered in French. Get to know the scary mysterious behind some of T.O.’s classic landmarks.

6 – Distillery District Lights

The Distillery District, once the location of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery, is currently a super cool art and entertainment area. Here, you can see some of Toronto’s most popular galleries and venues.

7 – Casa Loma

Casa Loma TorontoA short subway ride away, venture further out into T.O.’s midtown to find Casa Loma, a Gothic-style house built in the early 20th century. Officially, it’s the only full-sized castle in North America, and now, it’s a converted museum.

8 – The Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario, a stunning, glass-paneled construction, will stun you with more than merely its architecture. The nation’s largest collection of Canadian art is housed in this 480,000sq ft space, as well as international art that dates from the Renaissance era to modern-day pieces.

9 – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

In the middle of Toronto’s entertainment quarter and suitably situated at the bottom of the CN Tower is Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. 16, 000 aquatic creatures call this place home, including wildly colorful fish from all over the globe, stingrays, sharks, jellyfish, and giant lobsters.

10 – Hockey Hall of Fame

Who boasts the most extensive collection of hockey gear and memorabilia from around the world? The answer is the Hockey Hall of Fame! This place also features exhibits on the game’s most iconic players, multimedia stations, and interactive games.

Still in search of friendly Toronto movers who offer quality services and a 100% satisfaction policy? Then, call our professional at Firemen Movers – Toronto movers that really care about your family move.